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Manufacturer of seals and rubber/plastic products working with companies around the world:

Mastery of many subjects since 1979:

rubbers, foams, polymers and plastics (epdm,

nitrile, polyurethane, CR, silicone, fibre, POM, HDPE, PTFE...)

Askol processes - Rubber & Plastic

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Sealing solutions

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Cetec - Range & Know-How dedicated to CONCRETE

The assurance of a perfect seal : Marries the shapes and imperfections of moulds and forms.

A wide range of joints (chamfers, radii,...)

Increased longevity : Resistance to preparation, cleaning and release oils.

Rubber cutting

Askol offers a complete range of gaskets and custom made products using our high precision numerical tables. We manufacture parts cut by water jet, lathe, die-cutting or by a cutter table.

Our products can be produced in small or large series, small or large sizes.


Specialist in themachining of elastomers, PVC, PU and many other materials….

We are equipped with machining centres with multi-heads allowing us to machine, cut and punch simultaneously.

We can also slit, cut and turn your parts. Our workshop is also equipped with means allowing theadhesion of elastomer/steel, compact elastomer/cellular elastomer.


Tailor-made extruded products in rubber profiles and configurations to meet your exact requirements. Our department can analyze your part in order to improve it to obtain a higher resistance to temporal wear.

We offer several types of extrusions such as: co-extrusion, colour matching, sponge extrusions and solid rubber profiles.

our expertise

For more than 40 years, the ASKOL team has been providing its customers with all its expertise in terms of manufacturing parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies made to measure by machining, processing or assembling all rubber, elastomer, plastic and derivative materials.

We manufacture in FRANCE on our now one and only production unit in Meyzieu-69 where all our processes and know-how have been grouped together for greater control, mastery and agility.

Our response capacity is focused on small and medium series produced according to your plans, collaborative study of specifications or from our own production catalogues (standard or specific). We are also distinguished by our ability to respond to your needs for individual parts and custom prototypes (drawings or specifications).

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From prototypes to medium series, we can respond to all types of projects.

Bouygues Construction
Saint Gobain

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We have a wide range of sealing solutions. You can download our catalogues and browse through our products.

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Our research department analyses each request and responds within 48 hours in order to offer you a tailor-made solution.