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The reputation and expertise of the ASKOL group has been built up over the years through the acquisition of numerous production units with complementary know-how in the machining and processing of rubber, elastomers and plastics. Initiated in 1979 by the company SOFACOME, already located on the site of the historic headquarters in Meyzieu-69, the management of the time made a series of investments: DECOUPAGE INDUSTRIEL, CETEC, CLAMAGIRAND, ADE, CAPLA, CIM, BRISARD, DELIRE, to present a proposal force of 5 production units spread over the whole of France, fully integrated over the whole chain of rubber, elastomer and plastic trades (from the raw material, mixture or semi-finished product to the finished parts, assemblies or sub-assemblies).

In order to optimise the group's economic competitiveness and customer service, in 2018, a vast reorganisation process was undertaken with the aim of disposing of duplicate production and refocusing all the know-how and processes acquired on the one and only site of the historical headquarters in the Lyon region. Thus, in 2019, the small workshop in Palaiseau-91 and the plant in St Pierre des Landes-53 will be sold and the plants in Vitrolles-13 and Tullins-38 will be transferred to the unit in Meyzieu-69.

This acquisition of know-how and equipment, combined with a dynamic sales force, allows ASKOL to expand its range of offers and its responsiveness.

Today Askol is able to provide solutions in many areas of activity.






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